How To Make Lofi Music - 15 Important Tips

Lofi music is one of my favorite genres to make, with its soothing melodies, relaxed beats, and nostalgic ambiance. It has also become a favorite genre for listeners seeking tranquility and focus. If you want to start making Lofi music yourself, this guide offers 15 essential tips to help you create the dreamy, laid-back soundscapes that define the genre.


How To Make Lofi Music: Start To Finish Course

I created this video tutorial to show you exactly how to make a lofi beat. I also included the free lofi FLP (FL Studio Project File) of the beat I created so you can reverse engineer it and find inspiration for making your own lofi music.

15 Tips for Making Lofi Music

1. Use Vinyl Crackle and Tape Hiss:

Integrate subtle vinyl crackle and hiss to evoke a vintage feel. These sounds add warmth and authenticity, contributing to the nostalgic charm associated with Lofi music. A good way to do this is using plugins like RC-20. By the way, I created 40+ FREE RC-20 presets to instantly give your music a lofi sound.

2. Experiment with Chilled Chords:

Focus on creating mellow and relaxed chord progressions. Utilize jazz-influenced, seventh, or ninth chords to evoke a smooth and harmonically rich atmosphere. Here's a few popular lofi chord progressions to get started:

- Dmin11 – Ebmin11

- Amin11 – D7 – Fmaj7 – Cmaj7

- Fmin9 – Ebmaj9

- Ebmaj9 – Abmaj13

3. Craft Laid-Back Beats:

Keep your beats relaxed and unobtrusive. Experiment with slow tempos, swung rhythms, and minimalistic drum patterns to establish the characteristic chill vibe of Lofi music. Make sure your drums aren't perfectly on time because this will make your lofi music sterile and boring.

4. Utilize Ambient Sounds:

Integrate ambient sounds like rain, fire crackling, birds chirping, or other nature sounds. These elements add to the immersive and tranquil atmosphere that defines Lofi music.

5. Use Soft Synth Pads:

Create lush soundscapes with soft synth pads. Experiment with warm and airy textures to establish a dreamy backdrop for your Lofi tracks. 

6. Try Lofi Piano Melodies:

Incorporate gentle piano melodies with a vintage touch. Experiment with detuning, subtle reverb, and expressive playing to capture the soulful essence of Lofi piano. You can download melodies like this in my free Vibes Lofi Sample Pack.

7. Explore Sample-Based Production:

Sampling is a hallmark of Lofi music. Dig into your vinyl collection or explore online sample libraries to discover unique sounds and snippets that can serve as the foundation for your tracks.

8. Use Gentle Filtering and EQ:

Use low-pass filters and gentle EQ to shape the frequency spectrum of your sounds. This adds a soft and intimate quality, enhancing the overall warmth of your Lofi productions.

9. Experiment with Tape Saturation:

Mimic the warmth of analog recordings by applying tape saturation to your tracks. This technique adds subtle distortion and character, contributing to the vintage aesthetic of Lofi music. Click here for 10 lofi effects plugins that you can use to achieve this sound.

10. Keep Arrangements Simple:

Lofi music thrives on simplicity. Keep your arrangements minimal, allowing the listener to focus on the calming atmosphere and intricate details within the production.

11. Vinyl Rewind and Pause Effects:

Enhance the nostalgic feel by using vinyl rewind and pause effects strategically throughout your tracks. These effects create a sense of timelessness and introspection.

12. Add Lofi Vocal Chops:

Experiment with vocal chops processed with Lofi effects. These can add a human touch and emotional depth to your tracks, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

13. Use Lofi Effects Plugins

There are tons of good lofi effects plugins that will instantly give you that lofi/vintage sound. Experiment with these to add noise, pitch warble, tape saturation, downsampling, and other lofi effects to your music.

14. Use Side-Chaining for a Subtle Pumping Effect:

Apply subtle side-chaining to create a gentle pumping effect. This technique helps glue your mix together and enhances the overall smoothness of your Lofi productions.

15. Focus on Atmosphere and Space:

Lofi music is all about creating a distinct atmosphere. Pay attention to spatial elements, such as reverb and delay, to give your tracks a sense of depth and immersion.



Lofi music is a genre that thrives on simplicity, authenticity, and a laid-back vibe. By incorporating these 15 tips into your production process, you'll be able to create dreamy, immersive lofi music and beats. Remember to experiment, trust your intuition, and enjoy the creative journey. Happy producing!

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