Timeless RC-20 Presets - 40+ FREE Lofi Presets

This pack comes with 40+ RC-20 presets for XLN Audio RC-20. If you want to make your melodies sound lofi or vintage, or if you're going for that classic tape/vinyl sound, these free RC-20 presets will instantly transform your music. Hope you enjoy this kit!

What's included:

  • 40+ FREE RC-20 Presets
  • RC-20 Tips & Tricks
  • Installation Guide
  • Drake

  • Future

  • Lil Uzi

  • Roddy Ricch

What exactly is the Timeless RC-20 Presets Pack?

The free Timeless RC-20 Presets pack is a collection of carefully created presets designed to give your music the nostalgic warmth and character of vintage sounds. RC-20 Retro Color is plugin by XLN Audio that emulates the noise, wobble, and saturation of old tape machines, vinyl records, and analog gear. This plugin is used by producers to add a lofi, retro vibe to their tracks, making them sound more organic and full of character.

The free Timeless RC-20 Presets pack takes full advantage of RC-20's features, offering a variety of settings that can transform boring digital sounds into rich, nostalgic soundscapes.

Tape machines and vinyl records have played a crucial role in the history of music recording and playback. Unlike modern digital recordings, which are usually pristine and precise, these analog formats add a unique warmth and depth to the sound. Tape machines, with their slight pitch variations and saturation, add a pleasing harmonic distortion, while vinyl records are known for their characteristic crackles and pops.

The free Timeless RC-20 presets pack brings these classic tones to your music, allowing you to easily transform your tracks with the timeless qualities of vintage audio, and adding a ton of emotion your music.