Free Sample Packs: Top 10 Websites in 2024


I have been creating sample packs for 10+ years, so I have discovered all the best sample pack websites that helped me the most... For music producers and aspiring artists, having access to high-quality sample packs is essential for crafting unique and professional-sounding tracks. Fortunately, the internet is teeming with websites that offer a treasure trove of free sample packs across various genres. In this blog, we'll explore the 20 best websites where you can find top-notch sample packs without breaking the bank.


  • Adieu Sounds
    • Adieu Sounds is a go-to for producers, offering an 20+ free sample packs with high-quality sounds.
  • Splice
    • Splice offers a diverse collection of free sample packs spanning genres like electronic, hip-hop, and more.
  • Loopmasters
    • Known for its extensive library, Loopmasters provides free sample packs alongside premium content.
  • SampleRadar
    • MusicRadar's SampleRadar section offers a wide range of free sample packs in various genres.
  • Free Beats & Samples
    • A comprehensive resource with a vast selection of free sample packs for producers.
  • Ghosthack
    • Ghosthack specializes in free and premium sample packs, catering to diverse genres.
  • LANDR Samples
    • Known for its mastering services, LANDR also provides high-quality free sample packs.
  • 99Sounds
    • A unique platform offering creative and experimental free sample packs.
    • Dedicated to offering free beats and samples for various genres.
  • SampleFocus
    • A community-driven platform where users share and download free sample packs.
  • Function Loops
    • Function Loops provides a variety of free sample packs for EDM, trance, and more.
  • ProducerSpot
    • Offers a selection of free sample packs, virtual instruments, and plugins.
  • ModeAudio
    • ModeAudio provides a mix of free and premium sample packs with a focus on quality.
  • MusicRadar
    • Besides SampleRadar, MusicRadar offers various free resources for producers.
  • Generdyn
    • Composer Joshua Crispin shares free cinematic and electronic sample packs.
  • Producers Choice
    • Features free and premium sample packs, focusing on hip-hop and urban genres.
  • Hex Loops
    • Hex Loops offers a variety of free and affordable sample packs for different genres.
  • Apollo Sound
    • A collection of free and premium sample packs with a focus on modern music production.



These 20 websites represent a goldmine for music producers seeking high-quality sample packs without breaking the bank. Whether you're into EDM, hip-hop, or experimental genres, these platforms offer a plethora of sounds to elevate your music production journey. Explore, experiment, and let your creativity flourish with the wealth of free resources available at your fingertips. Happy producing!

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