Top 30+ Websites Every Music Producer Should Know


In the 15+ years I have been producing music, I have learned about dozens of helpful websites for music production. Today I wanted to share with you the best websites that have helped me along my journey... Staying on top of the latest tools, resources, and inspiration is crucial for honing your craft. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, the internet is teeming with invaluable websites designed to elevate your music production game. In this post, we unveil the 20 best websites for music producers, covering everything from sample libraries and tutorials to industry news and collaboration platforms.


  • Splice: Explore a vast library of high-quality samples, loops, and presets. Collaborate with other producers and access cutting-edge plugins.

  • LANDR: Utilize AI-powered mastering tools for professional-grade sound. Access valuable educational content on mixing and mastering.

  • Ableton Learning Music: Ideal for Ableton Live users, offering interactive music production lessons. Covers the basics to advanced techniques.

  • EDMProd

    Discover free sample packs, presets, and production resources. Sign up for their email list to get tons of amazing production tips!
  • Hyperbits: High quality free training for music producers, resources, tips and tricks, plus more!
  • Bedroom Producers Blog: Amazing blog for learning music production, featuring free sample packs, plugin reviews, and more.
  • Audio Mentor: This website is a really good music producer blog, featuring reviews, tutorials, and high quality free downloads.
  • DJ Tech Tools: Great website for music producers and DJs to learn beginner and advanced tips. They also created the legendary drum pad, the MIDI Fighter!
  • Sound Shock Audio: This website offers tons of free music tools including templates, drum kits, and more. They also have incredibly thorough blogs of free sample packs across the web.
  • Music Gateway Music Gateway is a global platform with a team of people behind it that work passionately to provide products and services that help create a level playing field of opportunity and productivity for creative professionals worldwide through unique solutions and cutting edge technology. 
  • Samplified: Samplified offers incredible free and paid sample packs. Their blog also features in depth guides.
  • Producer Hive: Music producer website filled with great gear guides, free downloads, and interviews.
  • Black Lotus Audio: Great website for free sample packs, blogs, and more! Check this website out if you're looking for high quality freebies.
  • TriSamples: Awesome website with free and premium sample packs, blog, and more.
  • Musician's HQ: This website was created as a hub for any musician who writes or records music at home.
  • TrackLib Tracklib is a subscription service that gives every musician and producer access to original music for sampling. Their library contains 100,000+ songs and multi-tracks across every genre.
  • DJ Gym: DJ Gym features high quality DJ and music production courses. Great place to get started if you're a beginner DJ.
  • Lofi Weekly: High quality free Lofi sample packs. If you want to make Lofi or Chillhop, check out this website.
  • EDM Templates: If you want to learn music production, one of the best ways is to study templates/project files. This website has some of the best templates on the internet!
  • Point Blank Music School: If you're just starting out, this is one of the best places to learn music production. Check out their high quality courses to advance your career today.
  • Producer Spot: Producer Spot offers amazing plugins, sample packs, and more! Check out their blog if you want to learn music production.
  • Free Beats and Samples: Exactly what the name says: this website is great for finding free beats and samples!
  • Your Local Musician: This website has hundreds construction kits, samples, and presets. Make sure to check out their blog for great tips too.
  • Music Manta: Extremely in depth reviews of plugins and sample packs, as well as the latest music producer news.
  • Two Story Melody: This website interviews music producers on their songwriting process. Great for if you want to learn directly from pro music producers.
  • My Loops: This website is dedicated to sample packs, music production tutorials, and more!
  • We Rave You: All the latest news on music, tech, and music culture. They also have a great magazine for music fans.
  • Band Pioneer: This website offers an incredible feature called "AI Studio", which helps guide you in your music career.
  • Magnetic Mag: One of the best websites to stay updated with everything music, video games, events, and culture.
  • AngelicVibes: High quality free and paid sample packs. Check out this website if you need tools for your music production.
  • Hewlaq: Hewlaq provides high quality sample packs, FX samples, and more.
  • Better Beats Blog: Learn how to make better beats! This website is great for aspiring music producers to learn tips and download free sample packs.
  • Whipped Cream Sounds: This website provides amazing resources including tutorials, tips, list of the best plugins, and more!
  • Beast Samples: This website has amazing plugins, sample packs, and more!
  • Good site for free and premium sample packs and guides on the best music producer resources.
  • The Pro Audio Files: A treasure trove of tutorials, articles, and videos on various production techniques. Covers mixing, mastering, and sound design.

  • Gearspace: Connect with a massive community of audio professionals and enthusiasts. Discuss gear, techniques, and industry trends on the forums.
  • NI Reaktor User Library: Explore user-created ensembles, instruments, and effects for Native Instruments Reaktor. Enhance your sonic palette with innovative tools.

  • Music Radar: Stay updated on the latest gear reviews, news, and software releases. Access expert guides and tutorials across different aspects of music production.

  • Future Music Magazine: Engage with in-depth interviews, tutorials, and gear reviews. Stay informed about the latest trends and innovations in the music production world.

  • Pensado's Place: Watch interviews with industry professionals and gain insights into their production techniques. A valuable resource for both aspiring and established producers.

  • Sample Magic: Access a diverse range of high-quality samples, MIDI files, and presets. Explore genre-specific packs to spice up your productions.

  • Attack Magazine: Delve into in-depth articles on production techniques, gear reviews, and industry trends. A great source for staying informed and inspired.

  • Music Production Nerds: A curated collection of tutorials, reviews, and guides for music producers. Covers a wide range of software and hardware.

  • The Sound on Sound Forum: Connect with a vibrant community of producers and audio professionals. Seek advice, share experiences, and stay updated on industry news.

  • Beatport: Discover new music, explore charts, and stay updated on the latest trends. An essential platform for electronic music producers.

  • Ask.Audio: A comprehensive source for tutorials, reviews, and news across various music production software and hardware. Learn from industry experts and improve your skills.

  • Noiselab: Offers online courses and tutorials, with a focus on Ableton Live and electronic music production. Access structured learning paths for continuous improvement.

  • GitHubExplore open-source music production tools, plugins, and scripts.
    Contribute to projects and collaborate with developers to enhance your production toolkit.



Navigating the vast landscape of music production resources can be overwhelming, but with these 20 websites, you're equipped with a diverse array of tools, knowledge, and inspiration. Whether you're seeking samples, tutorials, industry insights, or collaboration opportunities, these websites cater to producers of all genres and skill levels. Bookmark these gems, and let the journey to sonic excellence begin!

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