Top 10 Free Vintage Synth VST Plugins in 2024


Vintage synthesizers are known for their distinctive analog warmth and timeless sound. While obtaining classic hardware synths may be too expensive, there are tons free vintage synth VST plugins that emulate the sound of vintage synthesizers. These free analog synth VST plugins will add depth and life to your music! I created this list of my personal top 10 free vintage synth emulation VST plugins that will take you back in time, capturing the essence of iconic analog instruments.


  • Tyrell N6 by u-heTyrell N6 is a free software synthesizer by u-he that emulates the classic Roland Juno-60. Known for its lush pads and rich analog tones, Tyrell N6 provides a taste of the vintage Juno sound in a modern, user-friendly interface.
  • Dexed by Digital SuburbanDexed is a superb emulation of the Yamaha DX7, an iconic FM synthesizer from the 1980s. This free VST plugin faithfully replicates the sonic character of the DX7, delivering sharp digital tones and versatile FM synthesis capabilities.
  • TAL-U-NO-62 by Togu Audio LineTAL-U-NO-62 is a meticulously crafted emulation of the Roland Juno-60. This plugin captures the Juno's unmistakable chorus and analog warmth, making it a go-to choice for producers seeking that classic '80s sound.
  • OB-Xd by discoDSPOB-Xd emulates the Oberheim OB-X, a legendary polyphonic analog synthesizer. With its fat and warm sound, OB-Xd is a powerful free VST plugin that brings the iconic Oberheim flavor to your virtual studio.
  • Synth1 by Ichiro TodaSynth1 is a popular and versatile software synthesizer inspired by the Nord Lead 2. Despite its simplicity, Synth1 is capable of producing a wide range of sounds and has become a staple for many producers.
  • Charlatan by BlauKraut EngineeringCharlatan is a free virtual analog synthesizer that pays homage to classic monophonic analog synths. It features a straightforward interface and a rich, warm sound reminiscent of vintage hardware.
  • PG-8X by ML-VSTPG-8X emulates the Roland JX-8P, a classic polyphonic analog synth from the '80s. This free VST plugin captures the lush pads and evolving textures that made the JX-8P a staple in many genres.
  • Crystal by Green Oak SoftwareCrystal is a unique software synthesizer that combines subtractive synthesis with granular synthesis. While not a direct emulation of a specific vintage synth, Crystal offers a wide sonic palette and experimental possibilities.
  • Full Bucket Music FB-3100FB-3100 is a free VST plugin that emulates the sound of the KORG PS-3100, a vintage analog polyphonic synth. With its warm and evolving tones, FB-3100 is a delightful addition to any producer's toolkit.
  • SQ8L by Siegfried KullmannSQ8L is a software emulation of the Ensoniq SQ-80, a classic '80s synth known for its wavetable synthesis. This free VST plugin captures the character of the SQ-80, offering a nostalgic journey into the world of vintage wavetable synthesis.


These top 10 free vintage synth emulation VST plugins showcase the sonic legacy of iconic analog synthesizers. Whether you're looking for the lush pads of the Juno, the digital brilliance of the DX7, or the warmth of classic Oberheim and Roland synths, these free vintage synth plugins provide the richness and timeless sounds of vintage hardware. These free analog synth VST plugins will add a ton of life to your music! Happy producing!

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