Top 10 Best Free Kontakt Libraries in 2024


Kontakt, the industry-standard software sampler by Native Instruments, has become known for high-quality sampled instruments and libraries. While premium Kontakt libraries are celebrated for their high sound quality, there's a ton of exceptional free Kontakt libraries that provide aspiring producers and musicians with access to a wide range of sounds without breaking the bank. In this blog, I will share my personal favorite free Kontakt libraries on the internet


 1. LABS by Spitfire AudioSpitfire Audio's LABS series is a collection of free virtual instruments, including strings, piano, drums, and more. The instruments boast a high level of detail and musicality, making them a valuable addition to any composer's toolkit.

2. Piano in 162 by Ivy Audio: Piano in 162 is a stunning free piano library by Ivy Audio. Capturing the nuances of a grand piano, this library provides a realistic and expressive piano sound suitable for various genres.

3. VSCO 2 Community Edition by Versilian StudiosVSCO 2 Community Edition is a comprehensive orchestral library that covers a wide range of instruments. From strings and brass to woodwinds and percussion, it's a versatile collection for orchestral arrangements.

4. Project Pegasus by Producers' ChoiceProject Pegasus is a free Kontakt library that focuses on ambient and electronic sounds. Created by renowned producer and sound designer Mira Calix, it provides lush pads, ethereal textures, and cutting-edge synth tones.

5. The Free Orchestra by ProjectSAMProjectSAM, known for their high-end orchestral libraries, offers The Free Orchestra. This library provides a selection of orchestral samples, including strings, brass, and percussion, delivering a taste of their acclaimed sound design.

6. MT Power Drum Kit 2 by Manda AudioFor those in search of realistic drum sounds, MT Power Drum Kit 2 is a powerful free option. With a range of drum kits and a user-friendly interface, it's an excellent choice for adding authentic drum sounds to your productions.

7. Amore Grand Piano by PrecisionsoundAmore Grand Piano is a free Kontakt library featuring a beautiful grand piano sound. Perfect for classical and contemporary genres, it captures the warmth and resonance of a grand piano.

8. The Stroh Violin by Impact SoundworksThe Stroh Violin is a unique and free Kontakt library that emulates a historic violin design. With a distinctive sound character, it's ideal for adding a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness to your compositions.

9. Cloudrum by Ample SoundCloudrum is a free steel tongue drum library by Ample Sound. Providing a soothing and atmospheric percussive sound, it's perfect for creating ambient and meditative music.

10. Free Instruments by Cinematique InstrumentsCinematique offers several free free Kontakt libraries with unique and unconventional sounds. With a raw and gritty character, they are suitable for experimental and cinematic music.



These free Kontakt libraries are perfect for leveling up your music production. Whether you're a beginner or pro producer, these free Kontakt libraries offer high-quality sounds without costing a penny. Happy producing!

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