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The Amen Break, a six-second drum solo from the song "Amen Brother" by The Winstons, has become one of the most iconic and widely sampled drum breaks in the history of music production. Producers across genres have used its rhythmic brilliance to create timeless beats. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best Amen Break sample packs available, offering a treasure trove of beats to elevate your productions.


The Original Amen Break Download - CLICK HERE

If you're looking for the original Amen Break, here's the download link for it. Make sure to check out the other Amen Break sample packs on this list for more unique drum breaks!

1. Adieu Sounds - Rhythm Drum Breaks (FREE DOWNLOAD):

This free Amen Break sample pack comes with 50 drum breaks, percussion loops, hihat loops, and drum fills. This is the only free Amen Break download 

2. The Drum Broker - Amen Breaks Collection:

The Drum Broker, a renowned hub for high-quality drum samples, offers an Amen Breaks Collection that pays homage to the legendary drum solo. With meticulously curated variations and pristine audio quality, this collection provides a diverse range of Amen Break samples to fuel your creativity.

3. Loopmasters - Jungle Ammunition:

Loopmasters presents "Jungle Ammunition," a sample pack that not only includes classic Amen Breaks but also modern variations inspired by the jungle and drum and bass genres. Dive into this extensive collection to find both authentic and reimagined versions of the Amen Break.

4. Goldbaby - The Amen Breaks:

Goldbaby, known for its superb drum samples, delivers "The Amen Breaks" pack with a focus on capturing the essence of the original break while providing additional textures and processing. This pack is a go-to resource for producers seeking a blend of authenticity and sonic innovation.

5. Sample Magic - Vintage Breaks Vol. 5:

"Vintage Breaks Vol. 5" by Sample Magic features a dedicated section to the Amen Break, offering a variety of loops and samples suitable for genres ranging from classic hip-hop to modern electronic music. Immerse yourself in this collection to discover timeless drum breaks with a contemporary twist.

6. Breakbeat Paradise - Amen-Breaks Collection:

Breakbeat Paradise presents an "Amen-Breaks Collection" that delves into the breakbeat culture. This sample pack provides a diverse selection of Amen Break variations, perfect for producers exploring the realms of breakbeat, jungle, and drum and bass.

7. Ghost Syndicate - Amen:

Ghost Syndicate's "Amen" pack is a comprehensive collection designed for producers seeking authentic and versatile Amen Break samples. With meticulous attention to detail, this pack captures the raw energy of the original break, making it an essential addition to any beatmaker's arsenal.

8. Prime Loops - Jungle Drummer: Live Urban Drums:

For a unique and dynamic take on the Amen Break, explore "Jungle Drummer: Live Urban Drums" by Prime Loops. This pack features live drum performances inspired by the Amen Break, bringing an organic and expressive quality to your productions.

9. Loopmasters - Drum & Bass Masterclass:

"Drum & Bass Masterclass" by Loopmasters is a treasure trove of drum and bass samples, including an assortment of Amen Break variations. Dive into this pack to access not only classic breaks but also modern interpretations tailored for contemporary productions.

10. Raw Cutz - Raw Breaks & Raw Breaks XL:

Raw Cutz offers "Raw Breaks" and "Raw Breaks XL," two sample packs that feature gritty and raw drum breaks, including unique takes on the Amen Break. These packs are designed to inject character and authenticity into your beats.


The Amen Break continues to inspire producers across genres, and these sample packs offer a gateway to its rhythmic brilliance. Whether you're crafting classic hip-hop beats, exploring the realms of jungle and drum and bass, or experimenting with modern electronic genres, these packs provide a diverse array of Amen Break samples to fuel your creative endeavors. Break beats, break boundaries, and let the Amen Break be the heartbeat of your productions. Happy producing!

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