How To Make NBA YoungBoy Type Beats


One of my favorite styles to make in Hip Hop is NBA Youngboy type beats. Known for his distinctive blend of Southern hip-hop and emotional lyricism, has carved out a unique niche in the industry. If you're looking to produce beats like NBA YoungBoy's signature sound, this guide will provide you with a step-by-step process to help you achieve that authentic vibe.


1. Familiarize Yourself with NBA YoungBoy's Style: Before diving into beat production, take the time to thoroughly listen to NBA YoungBoy's discography. Pay attention to the key elements that define his style, such as the use of emotional melodies, aggressive drum patterns, and impactful 808s. Understanding the nuances of his music will serve as a foundation for your own creations.

2. Choose the Right Tempo and Key: NBA YoungBoy's beats often feature tempos ranging from 140 to 160 BPM, providing a fast-paced and energetic feel. Additionally, select keys that complement the emotional undertones of his music. Commonly used keys include D minor, G minor, and A minor. Experiment with different tempos and keys until you find the combination that resonates with the desired mood.

3. Emphasize Emotional Melodies: NBA YoungBoy's music is characterized by emotionally charged melodies that evoke feelings of intensity and introspection. Utilize instruments like pianos, strings, or synths to create melodic patterns that capture this emotional essence. Experiment with minor chords and progressions to add depth to your melodies.

4. Craft Hard-Hitting Drum Patterns: The foundation of NBA YoungBoy's beats lies in the powerful drum patterns that drive the energy of the track. Focus on punchy kicks, crisp snares, and dynamic hi-hats. Experiment with different patterns and velocities to achieve a rhythm that complements the emotional melodies and adds a sense of urgency to the beat.

5. Master the Art of 808s: The bassline, often carried by an 808, plays a crucial role in NBA YoungBoy's beats. Create a deep, resonant 808 pattern that complements the overall feel of the track. Experiment with slides, glides, and different patterns to add movement and excitement to the low end of your beat.

6. Add Atmospheric Elements: To enhance the overall vibe of your NBA YoungBoy type beat, consider incorporating atmospheric elements such as vocal chops, ambient pads, or subtle effects. These additional layers can contribute to the emotional depth of the composition, creating a fuller and more immersive listening experience.

7. Mix and Master with Precision: A well-mixed and mastered beat is essential for achieving a professional sound. Pay attention to the balance of each element in your mix, ensuring that the drums, melodies, and 808s work harmoniously together. Use EQ, compression, and other audio processing tools to polish your beat and make it ready for final production.



    Crafting NBA YoungBoy type beats requires a combination of musical intuition, technical skill, and a deep understanding of the artist's unique style. By carefully selecting tempo, key, and instrumentation, and paying attention to the emotional nuances of the music, you can create beats that authentically capture the essence of NBA YoungBoy's sound. Remember to experiment, trust your instincts, and most importantly, enjoy the creative process.

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