How To Make Future Type Beats: Step-by-Step Guide


Step into the future of hip-hop with beats that transcend boundaries, echoing the unique sound of the prolific rapper Future. Known for his genre-defying style, Future's beats often feature hypnotic melodies, innovative production techniques, and a touch of autotuned vocals. In this blog, we'll embark on a sonic exploration to guide you in creating Future type beats that push the boundaries of conventional hip-hop.


  • Melodic Exploration: Futuristic Soundscapes
    • Dive into experimental melodies that evoke a futuristic atmosphere. Synths, ambient sounds, and unique instrument choices can set the stage for a Future-inspired beat.
  • Autotune Mastery: Crafting Vocals with Precision
    • Embrace autotune as a key element of Future's signature style. Experiment with pitch correction to create smooth, melodic vocal lines that blend seamlessly with the beat.
  • 808 Basslines: The Foundation of the Future Sound
    • Develop deep, rumbling 808 basslines that resonate with power. Future's beats are often characterized by impactful bass, adding a visceral and immersive quality to the music.
  • Drum Patterns: Innovative Rhythms
    • Break away from traditional drum patterns. Experiment with intricate hi-hat rolls, unconventional snare placements, and dynamic percussions to create a sense of unpredictability and energy.
  • Ambiance and Space: Crafting an Ethereal Atmosphere
    • Use atmospheric sounds and effects to create space within your beats. This can add a dreamy, otherworldly quality that aligns with Future's penchant for pushing sonic boundaries.
  • Experiment with Tempo and Time Signatures: Dynamic Shifts
    • Future's beats often feature dynamic tempo changes and unconventional time signatures. Experiment with these elements to add unexpected twists and turns to your productions.
  • Layered Production: Complexity in Simplicity
    • While maintaining a sense of simplicity, layer various elements to create a rich and textured sonic experience. Subtle details can contribute to the depth and complexity of the beat.
  • Innovative Sampling: Breaking the Mold
    • Step outside the norm with your sample selection. Future's beats often feature unique and unexpected samples that contribute to the overall uniqueness of the production.
  • FX and Transitions: Seamless Progressions
    • Integrate smooth transitions and creative effects to seamlessly connect different sections of your beats. This can enhance the overall flow and cohesion of the production.
  • Continuous Learning: Absorbing Future's Evolution
    • Immerse yourself in Future's discography. Analyze the evolution of his sound and production choices to glean insights into the ever-changing landscape of his music.



Crafting Future type beats is a journey into the uncharted territories of hip-hop. As you experiment with unconventional sounds, intricate rhythms, and innovative techniques, remember that the essence of Future's style lies in pushing boundaries and embracing the unknown. So, venture into the sonic cosmos, let your creativity soar, and create beats that resonate with the spirit of the future.

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