Best Websites for FREE Sample Packs (Not Cymatics)


Today I wanted to share my favorite websites for free Sample Packs that aren't the mainstream ones like Cymatics or Splice. I've created sample packs for the last 10 years, and I've downloaded thousands of sample packs since I started producing music 15 years ago, so I found a ton of really good resources online. Hope this list helps you guys out!

My Personal Top 6 Free Sample Pack Websites

 1. Adieu Sounds: The first website on the list is mine, I might be a little bit biased, but I think I create the best free sample packs on the internet. I have 30+ free sample packs and release a new one every friday!

2. This website is amazing because it features thousands of free sample packs from around the web. It's great if you're looking for free sample packs because you can search by genre and find exactly what you're looking for.

3. Looperman: I love Looperman because it's a community website and any producer around the world can upload their samples. This is great because you can find samples and loops that you can't get in any companies' sample packs. The stuff on here is usually royalty free and doesn't have a lot of downloads so you'll be using samples that not everyone has.

4. The next website is basically the same as Looperman. Any user can upload their samples and you can download them for free. You'll find unique samples on here because they have a different community than Looperman. This website features over 600k free samples to download!

5. BBC Sound Effects: If you're looking for live recorded FX samples, this is the ultimate resource. This website has over 33k effects samples, including atmospheres, industrial sounds, animals, toys, and so much more!

6. r/drumkits: This subreddit has thousands of free sample packs to download, and you can find samples used by your favorite producers! Make sure to check out the Lunch77 drumkits because he creates drumkits by watching top producers' livestreams and videos, and puts all the samples they use in to one pack.

Other Free Sample Pack Websites:












If you're looking for free sample pack websites, these resources are perfect for you. Make sure you don't download too many sample packs because it can get overwhelming, and every time you download a pack, go through it and save all your favorite samples to a "Favorite Samples" folder so you can easily access them later. Hope this helps! Happy producing!

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