Output Arcade: Best Plugin for Sampling?


I have been producing for 15+ years and I have never seen anything like this plugin... Output's Arcade VST has emerged as a trailblazer, redefining the possibilities of sound design and music production. With its innovative approach to sample-based instruments, Arcade transcends traditional boundaries, providing musicians and producers with a sonic playground. Join us on a comprehensive journey as we explore the features, functionalities, and creative potential of Arcade VST in this guide and review.


I. Overview of Arcade VST:

A. Output's Sonic Innovation:

  • Shaping Modern Sound: Exploring Output's impact on the contemporary music production landscape.
  • The Birth of Arcade: Understanding the philosophy behind the creation of this groundbreaking virtual instrument.

B. Key Features of Arcade VST:

  • Cloud-Powered Samples: A unique approach to accessing and manipulating an extensive library of sounds.
  • Playable Kits and Loops: Combining the flexibility of playable instruments with the rhythmic energy of loops.

II. In-Depth Exploration of Arcade's Features:

A. User Interface and Browser:

  • Intuitive Design: Navigating the user-friendly interface for efficient sound exploration.
  • Tag-Based Browser: Streamlining the search for the perfect sound with a comprehensive tagging system.

B. Kits and Lines:

  • Playable Instruments: Understanding the concept of kits and their role in the creative process.
  • Dynamic Lines: Exploring the rhythmic and melodic possibilities within Arcade's lines.

C. Edit and Transform:

  • Manipulating Sounds: Using the Edit and Transform features to customize samples on the fly.
  • Real-Time Pitch and Time Control: Flexibility in adjusting pitch and time to fit the project's requirements.

D. Effects Section:

  • Creative Processing: Utilizing the built-in effects for sound sculpting and enhancement.
  • Macro Controls: Mapping multiple parameters for dynamic and expressive sound manipulation.

III. User Workflow and Integration:

A. Creative Workflow:

  • Inspiration on Demand: How Arcade's design promotes on-the-fly creativity and experimentation.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatibility with major digital audio workstations for an efficient workflow.

B. Subscription Model:

  • Output's Subscription Approach: Understanding the subscription-based model for accessing new content.
  • Constant Updates: How regular updates keep Arcade's library fresh and inspiring.

IV. Real-World Applications:

A. Music Production:

  • Beatmaking and Composition: Enhancing the creative process with Arcade's vast sound palette.
  • Layering and Texture: Adding depth and complexity to productions through creative layering.

V. Pros and Cons:

A. Strengths:

  • Extensive Sound Library: A diverse and ever-expanding collection of high-quality samples.
  • Innovative Design: A fresh approach to sample-based instruments with cloud-based access.
  • Creative Flexibility: Combining the best of playable instruments and loop-based rhythm.

B. Considerations:

  • Internet Dependency: Arcade's cloud-based nature requires an internet connection.
  • Subscription Model: The ongoing cost associated with maintaining access to the full library.



Arcade VST by Output is more than a virtual instrument; it's a sonic exploration platform that empowers creators to push the boundaries of sound design. As we navigate its features and creative potential, it becomes clear that Arcade represents a paradigm shift in the way musicians approach sampling and virtual instruments. With its user-friendly interface, innovative design, and vast sound library, Arcade VST continues to inspire and redefine the landscape of modern music production, providing an unparalleled platform for sonic experimentation and creativity.

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