OVO Sample Pack - Download 3+ GB of Drake Samples For FREE!!

This pack comes with 3+ GB of Drake type samples, including vibey melodies, dark basses, every drum sample you'll ever need, and so much more. I also personally selected my favorite drum and hihat loops I’ve made in my Drake type beats. (By the way I've made samples used in Drake songs before). Hope you enjoy this kit!

  • 246 Drum One Shots
  • 62 Drum Loops
  • 31 Hihat Loops
  • 19 Melody Loops
  • 36 808s & Basses
  • 88 One Shots
  • Drake

  • Future

  • Lil Uzi

  • Roddy Ricch

What exactly is the OVO Sample Pack?

Introducing the OVO sample pack, a collection perfect for producers looking to capture the signature sound and vibe of Drake's illustrious OVO label. Bursting at the seams with meticulously created sounds, this pack offers an arsenal of melody loops, drum loops, drum one shots, 808s, and more, meticulously designed to empower producers in crafting chart-topping hits reminiscent of Drake's iconic style.

At the heart of the OVO sample pack are its captivating melody loops, each meticulously crafted to evoke emotion and intrigue. From haunting pianos to lush pads, from melancholic guitars to ethereal synths, these melodies serve as the perfect canvas for producers to paint their sonic landscapes upon. Whether you're aiming for ballads or bangers, these loops provide the foundation for creating memorable compositions that resonate with listeners on a deep and personal level.

Complementing the melody loops are the drum loops, pulsating with energy and rhythm, ready to propel your tracks to new heights.  For producers who prefer to craft their beats from scratch, the OVO sample pack also includes a vast selection of drum one shots, offering unparalleled flexibility and control over your sound. Of course, no OVO-inspired sample pack would be complete without an arsenal of 808s, and the OVO sample pack delivers in spades. From earth-shaking subs to gritty Reese basses, these 808s pack a punch that is sure to shake the dancefloor and get heads nodding.

One of the best parts of the OVO sample pack is its seamless integration with popular music production software such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Logic Pro. Whether you're a pro or novice producer, you'll find that these samples are incredibly easy to incorporate into your workflow, allowing you to focus on what matters most—creating music that inspires.

The OVO sample pack is a must-have addition to any producer's toolkit, offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality sounds that are perfect for crafting Drake-type beats and beyond. With its captivating melody loops, dynamic drum loops, versatile drum one shots, and 808s, this pack provides the tools you need to create chart-topping hits that resonate with listeners around the world.