Top 10 Limiter VST Plugins in 2024


Mastering is a critical part of music production where precision and control over dynamics are key. Limiters play a crucial role in achieving optimal loudness while maintaining the integrity of the mix. I created this list of my personal top 10 limiter VST plugins that stand out for their transparency, versatility, and ability to deliver professional-level mastering results.


1. FabFilter Pro-L 2

FabFilter Pro-L 2 is a powerhouse limiter known for its transparency and flexibility. With a modern interface, multiple limiting algorithms, and true peak limiting, it's a go-to choice for mastering engineers seeking pristine dynamics control. The level display and comprehensive metering further enhance its usability.

2. Waves L2 Ultramaximizer

The Waves L2 Ultramaximizer has long been a staple in mastering studios. Renowned for its transparent sound and ease of use, the L2 offers precision control over peak limiting and loudness maximization. Its intuitive interface and advanced dithering options make it a classic choice.

3. iZotope Ozone 11 Maximizer

As part of the Ozone 9 mastering suite, the Maximizer module stands out for its intelligent algorithms and modern features. With IRC (Intelligent Release Control) modes and transient emphasis, it provides a balance between transparent limiting and creative shaping of transients.

4. Sonnox Oxford Limiter v3

Sonnox Oxford Limiter v3 is a high-quality limiter with a focus on preserving the natural dynamics of the mix. With advanced transient recovery and adaptive enhancement, it excels at delivering loudness without sacrificing clarity. Its unique Enhance function adds harmonic richness to the processed signal.

5. DMG Audio Limitless

DMG Audio Limitless is a feature-rich limiter that offers unrivaled flexibility. With peak and loudness limiting, advanced metering, and dynamic EQ options, Limitless provides a comprehensive set of tools for mastering. Its innovative Character control allows users to shape the tone of the limiting process.

6. Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Limiter 6 GE

TDR Limiter 6 GE is a versatile dynamics processor that includes a limiter module. Known for its clean sound and variety of controls, it provides users with precise control over limiting parameters. The saturation and clipper options add warmth and character to the final output.

7. Cytomic The Glue

While primarily a bus compressor, Cytomic The Glue features a peak limiter that adds the final touch to the mastering chain. With a smooth and transparent sound, The Glue's limiter is an integral part of its bus compression workflow, offering an analog-like character to the overall mix.

8. Kazrog KClip 3

Kazrog KClip 3 is not just a limiter but a versatile clipping and saturation tool. With adjustable clipping algorithms and multiple modes, KClip 3 is ideal for shaping the dynamics and adding character to individual tracks or the master bus.

9. Eventide Elevate Bundle

Eventide Elevate is a unique mastering bundle that includes the EQuivocate equalizer and the Punctuate transient emphasis plugin along with its powerful limiter. With its intelligent and adaptive algorithms, Elevate excels at maintaining clarity while pushing the loudness envelope.

10. AOM Invisible Limiter G2

AOM Invisible Limiter G2 is designed to be transparent and efficient. Its intelligent algorithms adapt to the input signal, providing optimal loudness without artifacts. The straightforward interface and adaptive release control make it a user-friendly choice for mastering engineers.



Achieving professional-level loudness and dynamics control in mastering requires the right set of tools. These top 10 limiter VST plugins offer a diverse range of options, from transparent peak limiting to creative transient shaping. These limiter VST plugins provide the precision and versatility needed for top level mastering. Experiment with different plugins, understand their unique features, and let the limitless dynamics of these tools elevate your mastering endeavors to new heights. Happy producing!

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