Arturia V Collection: Best Analog Synth Emulation?


Today I wanted to share with you on of my favorite VST plugin bundles for analog synth emulation. In the 15+ years I have been producing music, I haven't heard a better recreation of classic analog synths... Arturia's V Collection stands as a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and vintage analog charm. Boasting an impressive ensemble of meticulously recreated classic synthesizers and keyboards, the V Collection is a treasure trove for musicians and producers seeking authentic sounds from the past. Join us on a sonic journey as we explore this virtual museum of vintage synthesis, offering a comprehensive guide and review of Arturia's V Collection.


I. Overview of Arturia V Collection:

A. The Legacy of Arturia:

  • Pioneering Virtual Analog: Arturia's contribution to the virtual instrument landscape.
  • Evolution of V Collection: Tracing the growth from the early releases to the present.

B. Key Features of V Collection:

  • Diverse Sound Palette: A curated collection of iconic synthesizers and keyboards.
  • TAE® Technology: Understanding Arturia's acclaimed True Analog Emulation.

II. In-Depth Exploration of Included Instruments:

A. Minimoog V:

  • Legendary Monophonic Power: Analyzing the faithful recreation of the Minimoog Model D.
  • Modern Enhancements: How Arturia adds contemporary features without sacrificing authenticity.

B. ARP 2600 V:

  • Modular Marvel: A close look at the ARP 2600's modular synthesis capabilities.
  • Virtual Patching: Understanding the interface for creative signal routing.

C. DX7 V:

  • FM Synthesis Revived: Exploring the iconic Yamaha DX7 recreated in digital form.
  • Preset Evolution: Analyzing the extensive preset library and creating custom sounds.

D. Wurlitzer V:

  • Electric Piano Elegance: Unveiling the soulful sounds of the Wurlitzer electric piano.
  • Physical Modeling: How Arturia captures the nuances of the original instrument.

E. Prophet V & VS:

  • Sequential Magic: Evaluating the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS emulations.
  • Hybrid Synthesis: Blending analog warmth with digital innovation.

F. Buchla Easel V:

  • West Coast Experimentalism: Delving into the unique world of Buchla synthesis.
  • Interface Exploration: Navigating the touch-sensitive controls for avant-garde soundscapes.

G. Mellotron V:

  • Tape-Based Nostalgia: Rediscovering the classic Mellotron's rich tape-based sound.
  • Tape Controls: Mimicking the idiosyncrasies of the original instrument for authenticity.

H. Analog Lab:

  • Unified Sound Library: How Analog Lab serves as a gateway to the entire V Collection.
  • Macro Controls: Streamlining the creative process with user-friendly parameter adjustments.

III. User Interface and Controls:

A. Consistency Across Instruments:

  • Unified Design Philosophy: Navigating a familiar interface across different instruments.
  • Workflow Optimization: How Arturia prioritizes user experience for efficient creativity.

B. Integration with DAWs:

  • Seamless Connectivity: Exploring V Collection's integration with popular digital audio workstations.
  • MIDI Mapping: Customizing controls for personalized workflow enhancements.

IV. Sound Examples and Preset Showcase:

A. Sonic Diversity:

  • Genre Exploration: Demonstrating the versatility of V Collection across musical genres.
  • Sound Demos: Showcasing the expressive range and sonic authenticity of each instrument.

V. Pros and Cons:

A. Strengths:

  • Authentic Emulation: Faithful recreation of vintage analog instruments.
  • Vast Sound Library: A comprehensive collection catering to diverse musical styles.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls for seamless sound design.

B. Considerations:

  • Processing Power: Resource-intensive nature may require robust hardware.
  • Learning Curve: Understanding the intricacies of vintage synthesis for optimal use.



Arturia's V Collection is more than a virtual instrument; it's a sonic time machine, transporting musicians and producers to the golden eras of analog synthesis. With meticulous attention to detail, authentic sound reproduction, and a user-friendly interface, V Collection stands as a must-have for enthusiasts seeking the warmth and character of vintage instruments in a digital landscape. As we navigate this expansive collection, it becomes evident that Arturia has not just emulated instruments but encapsulated the soul of a bygone era, offering a virtual playground for sonic exploration and creative expression.

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